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Aside from providing beautiful yet affordable houses, Camella Tarlac also gives its residents quite a lot of amenities that make living in the gated community that much better.

First on the list, and probably the most important amenity that you need to look for in a community, is security. Camella Homes employs the services of a team of professional security personnel to keep a close watch on the residents. There is always a guard or two stationed at the main gate of the community and the others are roaming around the village and ensure that no intruders made their way inside Camella Tarlac.

The entire community is also enclosed by a high concrete wall, which is high enough to deter potential intruders from even trying to scale the wall. Now, if even one outsider did manage to get through, they would not get far because there are several CCTV cameras placed in several strategic areas around the community. If there are outsiders inside the Camella Tarlac, the security personnel will see them in the monitors.

Aside from providing residents with security and peace of mind, Camella Tarlac also has plenty of recreational facilities. For instance, during the hot, summer days, you can take your family for a dip in the community pool in the middle of the community. There are two pools actually - one full-sized pool for the adults and a shallow wading pool for the little kids.

If you are looking to break a sweat and have a good time as well, then there is a basketball court besides the community clubhouse. There, you can shoot some hoops so you can have some fun and exercise at the same time. In addition, you can also place a net in the middle of the court so you can play volleyball or tennis if you wanted to.

The paved roads and wide sidewalks are also perfect for jogging or just walking around the neighborhood. Another great thing about the Camella Tarlac is that there are still plenty of trees around the neighborhood, so there will always be a cool breeze blowing through the community. With that, you have an assurance that your morning and evening jogs will always be comfortably cool.

As mentioned earlier, the Camella Tarlac has its own community clubhouse. This is where you can hang out with the other people from the neighborhood. In addition, if you need a spacious area for parties or other social gatherings, you can use the clubhouse for whatever kind of event that you have in mind.

There are also plenty of open spaces around the community where you can just sit down and relax. There is a tree park and playground where you can take your kids so they can play with the other neighborhood kids.

These are just some of the amenities that you can potentially enjoy if ever you do become a permanent resident of Camella Tarlac, and there are many more benefits in store in the future.

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